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Autumn Term Dates and Prices

All classes will start back week beginning Monday 3rd September.
Half term week (no classes) will be week beginning  Monday 22nd October
The last week of term will be week beginning Monday 10th December 

This makes both half terms 7 weeks, therefore a 14 week term altogether (with exception of Friday classes where there is no yoga 7th December)

Tuesday class payment is £84 + £84 = £168
Wednesday class £70 + £70 = £140
Thursday afternoon class in garden studio
Thursday evening classes at Lichfield Hall is £70 + £70 = £140
Friday morning classes at St. James`s is £70 + £60 = £130

Payment would be much appreciated during the first week of term please. It can be cash (in an envelope with your name) , cheque (you can split payment by writing a post-dated cheque for the second half term), or BACS. Please ask me in class if you would like bank details.

Many thanks. Enjoy the summer break 

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